Saturday, June 30, 2007

The oft-denied True Presence

"Behold, I am in the possession of the Sovereign Good. The first thought, O God, with which Thy presence inspires me, is a sentiment of adoration and respect. Yes, under these sacred veils, where Thy love for me hath concealed the splendor of Thy Majesty, I most humbly adore Thee. I acknowledge Thee as my Master, my Creator, and the Supreme Arbiter of my eternal destiny. But these thoughts are absorbed in the greatness of my confidence. Thou art glorious in heaven, all-powerfull on earth and terrible in hell; But in the Blessed Eucharist Thou art mild, consoling, sweet, and liberal. Ah, what canst Thou refuse me, when Thou hast given me Thyself?"

Missale Romanum, 1962. "Act of Confidence"


A new way to get the Catholic message across. With hip-hop.
From their site:
"The “phat” in phatmass stands for “Preaching Holy Apostolic Truth”. Founded in 2000, we are a website (duh), an online community and a Catholic hip-hop production entity. We defend and promote the Catholic faith via innovative multimedia. We strive to portray orthodoxy, charity and humility."

The concept seems harmless enough. Odd to my tender traditional sensibilities, but harmless.

Now, being the 26 year-old fogey I am, many of the newer mediums to get the Catholic message out there has come across as an old woman with a face-lift trying to act like a teenager. It's cheesy and embarassing. But who knows? Maybe this new-fangled hip-hop stuff will work. They do have some neat wallpapers and T-shirts though.

For me? Just gimme that ol' time catechesis, yo.

"Nun Nicer"

"Perfume Toilet powder & Soap"

Great advertizing. No way would anyone have such an angelic expression with a stinky deuce in the next room.

Want to learn Latin?

There's plenty of free online resources to learn this sacred language.

First, you need a good grammar aid:

They offer an entire textbook (in two files) for absolutely free. Best part is, it's Ecclesiastical Latin. None of that "weenie-weedie-weekie" stuff.

And here's an online quick-reference:

Second, you need a good dictionary:

This site can do english to latin to english.

Abis et discis!

A new blog!

I finally broke down and made myself a soapbox. Now all around me shall have respite. Laus Deo. For my first post I wish to set the tone of what this blog will be.

When I was inserting names and having them rejected, I thought of one of my favorite parts of the mass,"Introibo ad altare Dei, qui Deum laetificat juventutem meum." And Altare Dei kinda stuck. Well, it was the only thing my oh-so creative mind could think of that would get past the "taken" filter.

When I think of that excerpt, I think of all the glorious high altars. Then, after a few moments I think of the mundane, empty, "people's" altars. That term has always struck a distaste with me. And that distaste is what I wish to share. (Oh happy day!) For the purposes of discerning what is glorious to God, and that which is mundane and empty.

The so-called people's altars are valid altars. But c'mon, now. God deserves better than a blank "table". Is the table your crappy boss sits at when you have him over for dinner as barren?

After all, it says "Introibo ad altare Dei" not "Introibo ad altare populi". I will go unto the altar of God. Not unto the altar of the people.