Saturday, June 30, 2007

A new blog!

I finally broke down and made myself a soapbox. Now all around me shall have respite. Laus Deo. For my first post I wish to set the tone of what this blog will be.

When I was inserting names and having them rejected, I thought of one of my favorite parts of the mass,"Introibo ad altare Dei, qui Deum laetificat juventutem meum." And Altare Dei kinda stuck. Well, it was the only thing my oh-so creative mind could think of that would get past the "taken" filter.

When I think of that excerpt, I think of all the glorious high altars. Then, after a few moments I think of the mundane, empty, "people's" altars. That term has always struck a distaste with me. And that distaste is what I wish to share. (Oh happy day!) For the purposes of discerning what is glorious to God, and that which is mundane and empty.

The so-called people's altars are valid altars. But c'mon, now. God deserves better than a blank "table". Is the table your crappy boss sits at when you have him over for dinner as barren?

After all, it says "Introibo ad altare Dei" not "Introibo ad altare populi". I will go unto the altar of God. Not unto the altar of the people.

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