Saturday, June 30, 2007

The oft-denied True Presence

"Behold, I am in the possession of the Sovereign Good. The first thought, O God, with which Thy presence inspires me, is a sentiment of adoration and respect. Yes, under these sacred veils, where Thy love for me hath concealed the splendor of Thy Majesty, I most humbly adore Thee. I acknowledge Thee as my Master, my Creator, and the Supreme Arbiter of my eternal destiny. But these thoughts are absorbed in the greatness of my confidence. Thou art glorious in heaven, all-powerfull on earth and terrible in hell; But in the Blessed Eucharist Thou art mild, consoling, sweet, and liberal. Ah, what canst Thou refuse me, when Thou hast given me Thyself?"

Missale Romanum, 1962. "Act of Confidence"

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