Saturday, June 30, 2007


A new way to get the Catholic message across. With hip-hop.
From their site:
"The “phat” in phatmass stands for “Preaching Holy Apostolic Truth”. Founded in 2000, we are a website (duh), an online community and a Catholic hip-hop production entity. We defend and promote the Catholic faith via innovative multimedia. We strive to portray orthodoxy, charity and humility."

The concept seems harmless enough. Odd to my tender traditional sensibilities, but harmless.

Now, being the 26 year-old fogey I am, many of the newer mediums to get the Catholic message out there has come across as an old woman with a face-lift trying to act like a teenager. It's cheesy and embarassing. But who knows? Maybe this new-fangled hip-hop stuff will work. They do have some neat wallpapers and T-shirts though.

For me? Just gimme that ol' time catechesis, yo.

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