Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Flies through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring young priest on the flying trapeze...

Ok. I know this is probably old news but I just came across it. I was google'ing pictures of vestments when my eyes suddenly gave out in a vain attempt to save me from the horror on my screen.

Then things started clearing up; images of the Dumbo movie and frosted animal crackers yak'ed out and coalesced onto a chausible came into horrid, painful focus.

+Lord, have mercy on my eyeballs.+

What the @#$% are they wearing?!

At first I thought it's ok, it's ok. Just take a deep breath, they're probably not Catholic.


Apparently they were celebrating a "circus" mass.

Now, I know what you're all thinking. But I have no idea of the antics that went on at the celebration. But from what it says, it's a local tradition that started in the 30's where the Ringling circus would do a single-ring show on Christmass eve to help pay off the Church. A very warm and touching sentiment.

But let's get real here, these are chausibles, not pediatric nurse scrubs. Don't these guys get the phrase "there's a time and place..." ? Y'know maybe, just maybe, people would dress with a little more respect if these priests did the same. It's almost as if they're making light of the special duties they have. I mean, these are sacramentals, not mere liturgical fashion. Did that ever cross their minds?

Must be all the cotton-candy.

What's next, instead of handing out communion they give out bags of warm peanuts?

Circus mass

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