Friday, July 13, 2007

Mahony and the Latin Mass

I bet all of you are wondering what exactly Cardinal Roger Mahony is thinking in the wake of Summorum Pontificum.

Well, one thing's for sure; The silence is defening.

In a recent statement in the L.A. Times online, Tod Tamberg, spokesman for the L.A. Archdiocese said,"The appeal of a Mass only in Latin is quite limited," The article went on to say that the archdiocese estimates about 650 people attend the TLM each month.

Now this can be very misleading. And here's why:

A quick look on the L.A. archdiocese website shows the venues and times of the TLM's offered in the diocese. Out of five venues, only one offers the TLM every sunday. The other four alternate once-per-month services. Three of those four are a chapel in a hospital, a house for the Little Sisters of the Poor, and a chapel at a university. All five venues are not close to one another. So unless you feel like driving all over and not being able to enjoy a stable parish life, you're only gonna get a Latin mass once per month.

It's not the appeal of the Latin mass that's quite limited, it's the availability! More people would go if there were more than eight TLM's per month dispersed across the entire diocese.

Here in the Phoenix diocese we have three venues that offer the TLM, two of those have daily TLM's, with the third having them weekly. Bishop Olmstead has elevated the TLM community to mission status (named "Mater Misericordiae") with the future goal of making it an official parish (This is all listed on the website)

Here in Phoenix we have 64 TLM's per month compared to LA's 8. It's more than obvious that Mahony only bothers to have a Latin mass at all just so he can say he offers it.

On a realted note, also on the LA archdiocese website's indult page there's this quote,"Only the celebrations listed here are licit and authorized by the Archbishop. The Tridentine Mass is also offered elsewhere in the region by groups that call themselves Catholic but which are not in communion with the Holy See."

This is an obvious stab at the SSPX. How dare Mahony call the SSPX non-Catholic given the antics at his orgy of heresy AKA "Religious Education" Conferences. The only religion anyone learns there certainly isn't Catholicism.

No one can point out anything the SSPX teaches that is heretical, yet anyone with eyes can point out several things at Mahony's dissent-fest that's blatently heretical. But perhaps he's right; according to his version of Catholicism, tradition is, in fact, heresy.

He'd better be careful which standards of orthodoxy he holds others to when casting stones from his glass throne. But that's ok. God shall judge him on his orthodoxy, just as he judges others on theirs.

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