Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My local Catholic newspaper on Summorum Pontificum

I've been waiting for the latest issue to come out so I could see how they would treat the Motu Proprio. The whole article is actually pretty long and goes into detail, but I'll just quote a small portion. I was actually pleasantly surprised:

"The extraordinary form of the mass differs from the ordinary form in a number of ways." (notice the use of the term "extraordinary" and "ordinary" as opposed to more perjorative terms)

"The priest celebrating the extraordinary form faces the same direction as the congregration and prays the mass in latin." (YAY! the reporter didn't try to spin it by saying "with his back to the people" and didn't refer to latin as a "dead language no one understands")

"While the ordinary form of the mass does not prohibit either this posture or the usw of Latin for all or parts of the Mass, in practice, the great mystery is celebrated in the local vernacular with the priest facing the congregation." (I found this a nice comment showing that such a practice isn't completely alien to the ordinary form, contrary to popular belief.)

"Also, much more of the extraordinary form of the mass is prayed in a low voice, including the entire canon." (Again, notice the missing spin as others against the MP would say "mumble")

"The silence, ritual and prayer can lend a more transcendant nature to the Mass and and attracts Catholics of all ages, said Fr, Kenneth Fryer, FSSP, pastoral administer for Mater Misericordiae Mission, which celebrates the extraordinary form of the mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish." (Who is a very pious and kind man, btw. When I go up for communion I always notice beads of sweat on his face--this guy's putting everything he has into this mass. That's dedication.)

"The extraordinary form 'expresses itself perhaps in a more sublime way,' he said, explaining why younger peole who never grew up with the 1962 missal are attracted to it." (Again, a comment that the mass is seeing a lot of youth participation, and not just for nostalgic old people.)

Interestingly enough, nowhere does the article bring up the SSPX like so many others do, as an attempt to spin the Holy Father's decision as mere pandering to "radtrads".

The article also provided a small quote from our Bishop about the MP:

"Bishop Thomas J, Olmsted said that this document reflects the Holy Father's desire to 'strengthen the Church's Liturgical life.'

" 'It reflects his long-standing love of the Sacred Liturgy and his profound understanding of the history and theology of the eucharistice sacrifice,' the bishop said.

" 'It also shows his deep appreciation of the 2,000 year tradition of the Holy Mass, and especially of the way that this tradition grows organically over the centuries,' he added."

He gets it.

I only with every other bishop in the west felt the same way. I feel very blessed for our new bishop, and my heart goes out to those whose bishops limit or forbid them from experiencing the extraordinary form that I have such wide access to.

God bless bishop Olmsted and God bless the Holy Father.

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