Thursday, July 12, 2007

Someone to keep in mind on Friday

Friday is the feast day of St. Henry. He became Duke of Bavaria in 995 and was crowned king of Germany in 1002, and of Pavia in 1004. He was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1014 by Pope Benedict VIII, of the Emperors he was the last of the saxon dynasty. He married St. Cunegunda but never had children. He defeated a rebellion led by his brother but they later reconciled. Henry "Founded schools, quelled rebellions, protected the frontiers, worked to establish a stable peace in Europe, and to reform the Church while respecting its independence. Fostered missions, and established Bamberg as a center for missions to Slavic countries. Started the construction of the cathedral at Basel, Switzerland; it took nearly 400 years to complete. Both Henry and Saint Cunegunda were prayerful people, and generous to the poor."

Memories of great people are often lost to time, having been forgotten, faded into legend, or ursurped by the "me and now" social ethos. While great saints did not do great things that they should be remembered, being remembered is how we honor their greatness. These people led by example of christian charity. Henry in particular was given much and gave much to serve his people. So when a feast day rolls around, be sure to read and meditate on their life; They achieved and lost much for their faith, so it's the least we can do. Let Henry's and other saints' memories never fall into obscurity, that we may learn from and honor them as examples of true Sons of God.

St. Henry, ora pro nobis.

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