Friday, August 31, 2007

Freedom of Speech for All! (Except if you're religious),2933,295432,00.html

"DENVER — A student who said she was told she wouldn't get her diploma unless she apologized for a commencement speech in which she mentioned Jesus has filed a lawsuit alleging her free speech rights were violated.

The school district contends its actions were "constitutionally appropriate."

Erica Corder was one of 15 valedictorians at Lewis-Palmer High School in 2006. All were invited to speak for 30 seconds at the graduation ceremony. When it was Corder's turn, she encouraged the audience to get to know Jesus Christ.

Corder had not included those remarks during rehearsals.

Corder's lawsuit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court, said Principal Mark Brewer told her to prepare a public apology or she would not receive her diploma. She was still allowed to graduate.
The lawsuit said Brewer would not give Corder her diploma until she included a sentence saying, "I realize that, had I asked ahead of time, I would not have been allowed to say what I did." Corder received her diploma after complying.

[. . .]

Corder is represented by attorneys affiliated with Liberty Counsel, an Orlando, Fla.-based group that says it is dedicated to advancing religious freedom."

What? You mean the ACLU didn't jusmp at the chance to represent her pro bono when her first ammendment rights were violated like they did for NAMBLA?

Oh yeah, religion doesn't fit with the communist views of the ACLU's founder.

Child rapists good. Jesus Christ bad. Just who do you think they work for?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Father forgive me for I have not recycled

The Roman Catholic Church is at hand with a new line in “green confessions” to help eco-sinners to find forgiveness.

Dom Anthony Sutch, the Benedictine monk who resigned as head of Downside School to become a parish priest in Suffolk, will be at the county’s Waveney Greenpeace [That explains it.] festival this weekend to hear eco-confessions in what is thought to be the first dedicated confessional booth of its kind.

Vested in a green chasuble-style garment made from recycled curtains, and in a booth constructed of recycled doors, [Which is different from typical liberal vestments and churches how exactly?] he will hear the sins of of those who have not recycled the things they ought to have done and who have consumed the things they ought not to have done.

He told The Times: “It is not, I hope, blasphemous to do this. I do not think it is. It is just an attempt to make people conscious of the way they live. The Church is aware of green issues and of how aware we have to be of how we treat the environment.

“I’ve had one or two comments about abuse of the confessional. One or two people have said, ‘Father, is this quite right?’

I wonder why...

Hey, I have an idea:

How about they reinforce the need for real confession?

I await the time when the Church will need to define the heresy of Environmental Fundamentalism.

Monday, August 27, 2007

And I thought segregation at Universities ended in the 60's,2933,294633,00.html

BURLINGTON, Vt. — The University of Vermont's big new student center doesn't just have women's bathrooms and men's bathrooms.

It also has gender-neutral bathrooms, a feature added to accommodate transgendered people, as well as those with some disabilities. The four single bathrooms in the new Dudley H. Davis Center — each with a toilet, sink, shower and lockable door — cost about $2,500 a piece to build. Their wall signs identify each as "gender neutral restroom."

"It's about inclusivity and accessibility and the importance of meeting all people's needs, not just a few," said Annie Stevens, assistant vice president for student and campus life.

"A multi-use bathroom doesn't necessarily feel safe to transgendered students, because they have concerns about how their gender would be read by others," said Dot Brauer, director of the school's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Ally Services.

A woman who identifies as a man, for example, may not feel welcome in a women's rest room. Transgendered people have been the target of verbal and physical abuse in rest rooms and been arrested, or suspected of lewd conduct, according to Mara Keisling, executive director of the
National Center for Transgender Equality."


Perhaps if the people walking into the woman's bathrooms actually looked like women people wouldn't assume they were perverts. How many times have kids been shot by police because they were running around with toy guns that looked real? Same deal.

What's the one slogan shouted the loudest at the white, male, straight, christian, [insert popular "victimizer" demographic here], community?

"WE'RE ALL THE SAME!!" or some other such phrase.

So if we're the same, then why have separate bathrooms for people who want to act like the opposite sex? Also in that article is a desire for separate showers. What's next? Priority on public buses? Separate drinking fountains? Hasn't our culture grown up past these things?

If these people care so much about equality and acceptance then why do they want to be socially segregated, set apart from the rest of us? Here's a hint: before they started acting like fools in their parades, bombarding us with their propaganda, and demanding such segregation, they were the rest of us.

The only people who forcibly set them apart from the community at large anymore are themselves.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Government Sanctioned Murder,2933,294320,00.html

"PARIS — A 36-year-old woman was taken into police custody in the French Alps after police discovered the bodies of three of her newborn babies hidden at her home, police said Thursday.

Police said they were tipped off by the woman's former romantic partner, who said he discovered the bodies hidden in boxes at the house. In a search Wednesday, officers found the bodies of three newborns, born between 2001 and 2006, and the woman acknowledged that she had given birth to them, police said.

[. . .]

"For the moment, the reasons are not explained," he told France-3 radio. "She said she could not face up to being a mother ... to her children."

The announcement had echoes of another case that shocked France. Last year, two of Frenchwoman Veronique Courjault's newborns were found dead in a freezer at the family residence in Seoul, South Korea, where she and her husband had been living since 2002.

Police said Courjault also told investigators that she killed another child she bore in 1999 in France and burned the body in the fireplace of the home."

Why not just have the French government kill them for you? It's legal and they'll even pay for it. Killing a child after it's born is to them some sort of horror yet at the same time killing a child in utero is a woman's choice. What the difference? Honestly?

Why be in a state of abject horror at one and fiercly protect the 'right' for a woman to have a doctor do the same thing for her?

At least be consistent about your depravity.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My TLM Experience, among other things

Over at Fr. Z's, he asked his readers, those who did not grow up with the TLM, about their experiences of it. Instead of making a huge entry in his combox, I decided to just make a post here. Plus, I have a bit of writer's block.

I was blissfully ignorant.

Ignorant of what I had missed, being born almost two decades after the council. I didn't think the way the mass was at my church was the way it had been done for centuries, the question just never came up. I had never heard of Vatican II, I was poorly catechized when I was younger, and just recently was my interest in all things Catholic picking up speed. But let's move back a few years.

I had dated a girl a couple years previous who was a non-denominational christian, her parents were apostates from Catholicism. Her parents were very kind, and the topic of religion honestly never came up. I had stopped attending church due to a rebellious streak, but even poorly catechized I still had a Catholic upbringing. I decided to seek out on my own for what truth was, although my parents had already given it to me. I'm rather skeptical by nature, so I needed to prove it to myself, not just take another's word for it.

I never really had a spiritual "moment" per se, but there was a hunger growing in me, a hunger for the anceint, a yearning to be connected with something much older, wiser, metaphysical. I started studying philosophy, and then eastern thought. I had a bit of contact with new age but that stuff emediately turned me off.

I then began studying apocryphal writings, foolishly thinking perhaps when the bible was put together something might have been left out. (I was poorly catechised, remember.) Gnosticism was interesting, but didn't quite make much sense. Kabbalism seemed interesting too but didn't really click with me.

Well with no real starting point I decided to begin with what mostly everyone else thought was good spiritual stuff; the Bible. I went to Wal-Mart and picked myself up a KJV for $4.97. (I thought all bibles were the same, plus it was a rollback :P) I had started reading it off and on starting with the New Testament. I remember thinking to myself, "Hey, that's what we say in church! And that too!" I was drawn, but not completely hooked in yet.

Then the obvious question came to mind,"Where did the bible come from?" Well, since my girfriend and her family were "bible-heavy" I thought I'd just ask them. Well, they didn't know. My mother noticed I had bougght a KJV and said,"Y'know, that's a protestant bible." I replied,"Huh? what's the difference?" Then she told me it was missing books. I thought to myself,"No way!"

Then I remembered that my grandmother had bought me an NAB with my name on it for my confirmation. I went into the rummage pile that passed as my bedroom to begin the Quest For The NAB. Peril, adventure, defeat and glorious victory awaited me within. Seriously, it's easier to find green men on Mars than anything in that bedroom. (Hence why I opted just to pay $4.97 for a new bible) This was a quest that'd make tossing a little ring into a volcanoe look like patty-cake.

Well, after much blood, sweat, and tears I found it. I quickly compared both tables of contents and the oracle's prophecy (my mom's statement) was true! (Ok, i'm done with the geeky RPG references, I promise)

Well, what to do now? The next obvious step was to find out why.

Before I could get into the thick of my detective work I had started college, taking music performance as my major. (If you like free time and friends and having a job, don't do it.) My relationship with the non-denom girl after two years ended badly, the one that followed ended not much better.

A year or so went by and I met another girl, a good Catholic girl. (All this has a point to it, really.) Her mom did a lot of work at the local parish and had a large Catholic book collection. She also had stacks and stacks of articles printed off I had found my starting place. My search for the bible's origins would now begin in earnest.

Not long after I had learned the truth behind how the canon came to be. It was a Catholic book! I then shelfed the KJV and stuck to the NAB. (Poorly catechized!) I had now found myself at an impasse. If I accept the bible as the word of God, then I do so on the Catholic Church's word. If I do that, then I must also accept everything else it teaches. It was all or nothing. I had never heard of cafeteria-Catholics but the thought of picking and choosing what I liked was blantantly intellectually dishonest. Either I accepted Catholicism or I rejected all of Christendom.

Well, God summoned up a strong breeze and nudged me off the Catholic side of the cliff. Newadvent became my new best friend. I became a sponge, wanting anything I could get my hands on. I was neck deep in Church history and loving every minute. That hunger for the ancient was beginning to be sated. I loved the strength of the decrees of Rome, it was muscular, and in way, manly. I had no father growing up so finding examples of manliness was trying, and when found I latched onto them. I admired the strength and fortitude of the ancient and medieval Church.

(Incendently, this was when I became involved with Catholic message boards, particularly in apologetics. Never before was I more embarassed with my poor catechesis, which soon changed.) Which brings us to the present in my fair tale.

In college, an entire year was dedicated to studying four-part choral harmony. We'd write out a few bars using the rules Back had developed and then it came time at the end of class to see if ti worked. The professor would dedicate one side of the room to soprano, another to alto, and the same for tenor and bass. And then we sang. Granted, not everyone in the class was a vocal major, but we managed to hold a pitch. It sounded amazing to me. I'm a doublebass player by trade, so I had zero experience with choirs. This was trully the music of angels.

I had studied a bit of palestrina, and after I had heard Bach's mass in B minor I was sold: I wanted to write a mass. All of the CD"s I checked out fo the library had beautiful selections of Palestrina, but they were all like "Best Hits" and not a mass form beginning to end.

I asked my girlfriend's mom if she had a copy of the mass in latin. (Yeah, I kinda grew up knowing latin was a "church thing" but never knew why since I never heard latin in mass. Go figure.) She handed me a Marian missal, which to my surprise had both latin and english in it. (I had never owned a missal before.)

After some flipping of pages I finally found the order of the mass. I began reading. Wait a second... This isn't the same... This isn't the same at all... What mass is this?

Rather stupefied I put my project on hold and scrmbled to find out why the mass in this book is co different from the mass I grew up with. I asked my girlfriend's mom, she said the mass was changed at Vatican II. I remember seeing two large blue books with that name on her bookshelf. I pulled them down and started searching through them.

I found Sacrosanctum Concilium and began reading. So far so good. Then I got to that one part. Yes that one.

"Particular law remaining on force; the use of latin is to be preserved in the latin rites."

Huh? The mass I go to doesn't have any latin. Then another body blow:

"The Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as specially suited to the Roman liturgy: therefore, other things being equal, it should be given pride of place in liturgical services."

Chant? I thought that was something only monks did on those CD's. I never knew it was supposed to be in mass.

"In the Latin Church the pipe organ is to be held in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument which adds a wonderful splendor to the Church's ceremonies and powerfully lifts up man's mind to God and to higher things."

Pipe organ? We had one years ago, when I was little, but not anymore.

After a bit more research I found that the old mass, the one in that marian missal, had been replaced by a new mass. One that in practice not only didn't resemble the old, but didn't even follow what was written in Vatican II. Where was the latin? Where was the chant? Where was the organ?

One of the main reasons I became so disenchanted with church in the first place was that it was so damn cheesy. And now I knew what had happened, and how it got that way. That the mass used to be in all latin with chant and incense, and all the pomp and ceremony. But now it was gone.

My heart sank.

If I may be honest, I felt cheated. I really did.

I had finally found the ancient, a connection with history, with something old and transcendent, metaphysical. And now it was mere dust; after being in use for centuries I missed my opportunity by a mere decade and a half.

I was angry; angry at the Church. Then it dawned on me that I was being selfish. Selfish and arrogant. That I somehow could take the Church to task and point out how wrong it was that it wsan't even following its own documents. That somehow I knew better.

If God trully guides the Catholic Church like I believed it did, then for some reason, beyond my understanding, God willed or at least allowed it to be like this. This episode taught me a good lesson: surrender.

I had always relied on reason and logic to back up my reason to believe, especially in my budding love for apologetics. (Something I feel I'm good at, logic and reason, due to my mother.) If there was something I didn't understand, I researched it until I did. There was always a reasonable answer for everything. Well, this was something I couldn't reason my way out of. Sure, people were obviously abusing Vatican II, but why didn't anyone stand up? Why was God allowing it to happen? I couldn't find an answer. So instead of relying on my merely human intellect I resigned the fight to God. Instead of trying to plow my way through a mountain I'd let God gently lift me over it.

And let me tell you, such resignation I was not used to. As any other family, especially one with me being the only male and in adolescence, we had our fair share of arguments. I must admit, I got good at arguing. Submitting and backing down weren't even in my vocabulary. It was like teaching a shark how to sing.

Well, this shark sang.

Shortly after this time my girlfriend's mother told me that at a church not very far away they offer the old mass. Not knowing enought to put two and two togther at the time, I had known that we had gotten a new bishop after our old one had casued a bit of scandal, but I knew nothing about how our old bishop forbade the old mass from being celebrated, and I had the new one to thank now for having it.

I was elated!

Finally, I could experience the Mass of Ages, I could experience that connection to the ancient. My Lord had heard my cries. My prayers were answered. Perhaps I should try that surrender thing more often...

But I wasn't about to hop into it blindly. I had my missal. I had my directions. Then I heard you dress a little differently for this mass. So I called up the parish office and inquierd about the dress code. I jotted it down and went to the mall, and got myself some nice duds. (Which my mother, just happy to see her only child so excited about church again, kindly bought for me.)

The very next sunday I went to the church that offered the old mass. I walked in, blessed myself, genuflected, and found a seat. The church was surprisingly packed. Mantillas everywhere. Skirts and slacks and dress-shirts, and none of those vile bright0green rubber gardening clogs! Then a familiar scent that I remembered from long ago wafted near me. It was incense. I remembered the scent from when I was an altar server and we used it so rarely. Little did I know my very first TLM just happened to be a high mass.

The chant was amazing, the structure of the movements, the preciseness, and above all the solemnity! This was the definition of ceremony; the apogee of worship! It felt old, yet it was new. My hunger was abated; this was the connection I was looking for. And it was more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined. I thought to myself, "After experiencing this, how could anyone ever doubt Jesus Christ is trully present here?"

I could do something here I couldn't really do before in mass; pray.

I never realized how much of the mass in practice had become a show. I went through the movements, recited the prayers, mostly on robotic reflex. My spirit wasn't in it, I was merely on autopilot.

But what should I pray? Then I remembered seeing in the front of the missal, the words of St. Pius X, "Pray the mass."

Then I realized that the missal wasn't just a program, but a prayerbook. A book of the most holy prayers dedicated to the mystery of our faith, the summit of our belief. This wasn't just a script for the priest, but a prayer all of us say in worship to God.

As I read through, I was touched by the absolute humility and humbleness of the prayers. The Judica Me, the prayer before the Gospel, the prayer at the offering of the bread and wine, all expose the infinite gulf between the greatness of God and his most beloved creation, man. I was especially touched by the words, "holy and venerable hands." That phrase so small, carried such a powerful meaning behind it. Knowing that the priest acts in persona Christi, the sacredness of his office became apparent.

I found out that you didn't have to be doing anything or saying anything to be a part of the mass, that offering up our sacrifices doesn't require gestures or scripted replies. It all must first come from within. I could just read along and pray the mass like Pius X said I should. No one else needs to see me do it for it to be true. God knows.

I was breathless, and almost in tears it was so beautiful. I never looked back after that. I guess if I had to pick a "spiritual moment" everyone talks about that would be it.

Part of that is why I named this blog what it is. After I learned of the many abuses of the new mass, including that of the "people's altar" I decided to stick up for Altare Dei, the altar of God. Not the altar of the people.

After that experience, I became enthralled with everything traditional. I quickly learned the current situation with the indult, and that of the SSPX. And that like before our new bishop, there were many dioceses whose bishop refused permission to offer this mass. I was sad for them, and a little angry. Why would anyone want to refuse this to the people? I thought well, perhaps if God wills it, he will find a way.

Enter Summorum Pontificum.

I thought to myself, "Wow, I'm on a roll." First a desire to experience this mass when I thought it was too late, poof there's a TLM in town. How neat I think it would be if the TLM was more widespread and granted more freedom, poof out comes the Motu Proprio. Then when I didn't think it could get any better, poof a muscular document from the CDF saying the Catholic Church is the one true Church, in the strong language of old.

And as if that wasn't good enough, poof it comes out that the pope celebrates to old mass in private and it's rumored the pope will publicly celebrate the old mass.

I'm on cloud nine!

Then, as I mentioned in a couple earlier posts, someone on CAF had said that we wouldn't be seeing a TLM on EWTN because the bishop there had made it so only Pauline masses facing the people could be televised. "Maybe when the get a new bishop" I thought.

Poof, they get a new bishop.

I thought then, "Hmm maybe now they'll have a TLM, but I dunno..."

Poof, there's a TLM scheduled on EWTN on Sept. 14th.

Now I don't consider myself a righteous man, God knows I need a lot of improvement. But for some reason my prayers availeth much! Of course there's many, many people who are praying for the very same things as I do. Indeed, the Lord hears the cries of His people.

Anyways, if you've made it through my tirade without waking up a couple times in between, you have a gold star in my book. Thanks for reading and God bless you all, and God bless Pope Benedict XVI.

Introibo ad altare Dei, ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Follow up to TLM on EWTN with new Bishop

In accordance with the prophecy, EWTN will televise the extraordinary form of the mass on September 14, 2007 at 8:00AM EST, the very day Summorum Pontificum goes into effect. EWTN has sought the assistance of the local FSSP in Denton, Nebraska for this celebration. Quite a celebration it will be. It may not seem like much, but the Mass of Ages getting airplay on such an influential station will be monumental.

God bless his holiness, Pope Benedict XVI and his emminence, Bishop Robert Baker.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Four legs good. Two legs bad."--Animal Farm,2933,293397,00.html

"Animal Rights Group Condemns Hamas TV Children's Program for Displaying Animal Abuse

JERUSALEM — An animal rights group on Wednesday criticized a program on a Hamas-run television station in which a man swings cats by their tails and throws stones at lions in a zoo to teach children not to abuse animals.

[. . .]

The sketch drew PETA's attention after it was picked up by Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli watchdog group that monitors Palestinian media outlets for bias against Israel, and posted on YouTube."

This is the same TV show that featured "Farfour" the mouse that exhorted children to blow themselves up and kill as many jews as they could. Well after Farfour "martyred" himself in the name of Allah a giant bee came in to replace him. Did I mention the guys who founded HAMAS are the same who founded CAIR?

It's nice PETA has a problem with the show promoting animal abuse.

Too bad they have no problem with the show promoting human abuse...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just when you thought you'd never see a TLM on EWTN...

Over on CAF, shortly after the release of Summorum Pontificum, some posters brought up the obvious question of if we'll see a TLM on EWTN.

After a little research, a poster noted that the current bishop of Burmingham had made it so that every televised mass must be in the ordinary form and in ad populi posture. I thought to myself, "Well, maybe when they get a new bishop..."

They just did.

Bishop Robert Baker, former Bishop of Charleston, will be Burmingham's new Bishop. Burmingham's former Bishop has been transferred curiously to a diocese with a smaller Catholic population.

Bishop Baker, interesingly enough, also takes a very recepetive approach to Summorum Pontificum:

In a letter to priests of the Diocese of Charleston, SC, Bishop Robert J Baker takes a warm and positive position. Among the many good things he says are the following, "Let us use this time of reflection on the rich liturgical heritage of the Catholic Church to renew our commitment as priests, deacons, Religous, and lay faithful to ensure that our parish liturgies are celebrated well, whether in the 'ordinary form' or the 'extraordinary form' of the Roman Missal." Bishop Baker also addresses the issue of training and knowledge of Latin in a much more genuinely supportive way than do several other Bishops of recent note. "I would further request that any priest who may wish to celebrate Holy Mass according to the Missal of 1962 be certain that he has mastered the rubrics of the ancient Roman Missal and has a suitable grasp of the Latin language." He goes on to note that there are priests who have "graciously agreed to train others in the proper manner in which the traditional Mass is celebrated".

Pope Benedict XVI obviously knows the influence of EWTN, as well as the benefits of having the Extraordinary Form televised so the world can see what it really is like. Perhaps this is his way of allowing EWTN, if they desire, to televise the Mass of Ages.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Pope in Gaylord, Michigan.

From I heard of this bishop, Patrick Cooney, who, well, I'll just let him do the explaining:

Until other law is promulgated, all liturgies in the Diocese of Gaylord are to be celebrated entirely in English by the presiding celebrant.

The use of other languages in songs and hymns...can be used occasionally, but must never overshadow the use of English.

Any variance from this policy must be requested on an individual basis from the Bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord using the form that can be obtained from the Secretariat for Worship & Liturgical Formation or the Office of the Bishop.

This statement was released in late June, before the release of Summorum Pontificum.

Obviously a bishop has no right to make such restrictions, as Latin is the norm for the celebration of the liturgy, even if it's not the practical norm. It is the vernacular that is the exception, not the rule. Not even he can change that. It is a gross overstepping of his authority.

But hey, who needs to worry about that when you're busy pontificating from the Holy See of Gaylord?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Extraordinary Form Resource Site

This site is still in progress, but when dinished it will serve to be a complete online resource on the TLM.

At the moment, you can watch videos in their online tutorial section, as well as view the rubrics of the mass. You can even download the entire Missale Romanum in PDF format. In light of Summoroum Pontificum, priests who desire to say the old mass but do not know the structure, will find here a great resource to assist them in celebrating mass according to the 1962 missal.

This is trully a treasure, go and check it out!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thomas More Society panders to heresy

I found this outrage over at Lair of the Catholic Cavemen (blogrolled on the right column) to which the erudite troglodytes give a very fair treatment.

But this just ticked me off enough to speak as well on it. :)

An excerpt from a letter to their members regarding a luncheon:


The next monthly Mass and lunch meeting of the Thomas More Society is Friday, August 3, 2007 at 12:00 noon at the Westgate Hotel, located at 1055 Second Avenue, San Diego. The price for lunch is $25.00 (ouch) (please RSVP). Our guest speaker will be Jane Via. Jane is the co-founder of an independant congregation, the Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community, which she serves as priest."

Then not only does the letter even plug this heretical group's website, it goes so far as to do a little damage control, knowing what they're doing is wrong:

"We are mindful that Jane's addressing outr group may be viewed as controversial by some of us. Please remember that out Society does notm by inviting speakers to address us, endorse the content of any soeaker's remarks."

If this is a Catholic group, then why bother having such speakers? a little more from the letter:

"Our mission statement voices our dedication to promoting the social, intellectual, and spiritual welfare of our members."

How does having a heretical speaker espousing her heretical views promote their members' spiritual well-being?

They're probably just taking a page out of Mahony's book with his orgies of dissent, aka Religious Education Conferences.

Y'know, his emminence Archbishop Burke resigned his seat on a Catholic Children's charity after the charity decided to have the infanticide / single-T.P.-square-to-save-the-planet activist Cheryle Crow perform for the charity, not wanting to associate with and lend passive support for the abortionist, due to his rock-solid stance as a Catholic against abortion.

Too bad the Sand Diego Thomas More Society lacks such fortitude and orthodox views. Even asking Via to speak is telling, even though they say they don't necessarily support it. Right. If the true gospel is so important to you, why lend an ear to a false one?

The Caveman's words: