Friday, August 24, 2007

Government Sanctioned Murder,2933,294320,00.html

"PARIS — A 36-year-old woman was taken into police custody in the French Alps after police discovered the bodies of three of her newborn babies hidden at her home, police said Thursday.

Police said they were tipped off by the woman's former romantic partner, who said he discovered the bodies hidden in boxes at the house. In a search Wednesday, officers found the bodies of three newborns, born between 2001 and 2006, and the woman acknowledged that she had given birth to them, police said.

[. . .]

"For the moment, the reasons are not explained," he told France-3 radio. "She said she could not face up to being a mother ... to her children."

The announcement had echoes of another case that shocked France. Last year, two of Frenchwoman Veronique Courjault's newborns were found dead in a freezer at the family residence in Seoul, South Korea, where she and her husband had been living since 2002.

Police said Courjault also told investigators that she killed another child she bore in 1999 in France and burned the body in the fireplace of the home."

Why not just have the French government kill them for you? It's legal and they'll even pay for it. Killing a child after it's born is to them some sort of horror yet at the same time killing a child in utero is a woman's choice. What the difference? Honestly?

Why be in a state of abject horror at one and fiercly protect the 'right' for a woman to have a doctor do the same thing for her?

At least be consistent about your depravity.