Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thomas More Society panders to heresy

I found this outrage over at Lair of the Catholic Cavemen (blogrolled on the right column) to which the erudite troglodytes give a very fair treatment.

But this just ticked me off enough to speak as well on it. :)

An excerpt from a letter to their members regarding a luncheon:


The next monthly Mass and lunch meeting of the Thomas More Society is Friday, August 3, 2007 at 12:00 noon at the Westgate Hotel, located at 1055 Second Avenue, San Diego. The price for lunch is $25.00 (ouch) (please RSVP). Our guest speaker will be Jane Via. Jane is the co-founder of an independant congregation, the Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community, which she serves as priest."

Then not only does the letter even plug this heretical group's website, it goes so far as to do a little damage control, knowing what they're doing is wrong:

"We are mindful that Jane's addressing outr group may be viewed as controversial by some of us. Please remember that out Society does notm by inviting speakers to address us, endorse the content of any soeaker's remarks."

If this is a Catholic group, then why bother having such speakers? a little more from the letter:

"Our mission statement voices our dedication to promoting the social, intellectual, and spiritual welfare of our members."

How does having a heretical speaker espousing her heretical views promote their members' spiritual well-being?

They're probably just taking a page out of Mahony's book with his orgies of dissent, aka Religious Education Conferences.

Y'know, his emminence Archbishop Burke resigned his seat on a Catholic Children's charity after the charity decided to have the infanticide / single-T.P.-square-to-save-the-planet activist Cheryle Crow perform for the charity, not wanting to associate with and lend passive support for the abortionist, due to his rock-solid stance as a Catholic against abortion.

Too bad the Sand Diego Thomas More Society lacks such fortitude and orthodox views. Even asking Via to speak is telling, even though they say they don't necessarily support it. Right. If the true gospel is so important to you, why lend an ear to a false one?

The Caveman's words:

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paramedicgirl said...

You would think the bishop would prevent this from taking place. By his silence, he is condoning it (if he is aware of it). They are espousing heresy and partaking in its evil, by having her as a speaker. Funny they don't get that. Do they think their little disclaimer that the don't necessarily endorse her views will stand up at the judgment seat of God?