Friday, September 14, 2007

Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Triumph of Summorum Pontificum

Today is the big day.

The day all of us have been waiting for; the day the Mass of Ages finally is given the proper respect and recognition it is due.

If you are unable to attend a TLM today, then perhaps try to attend any mass. Failing that, EWTN has scheduled a televised High Mass, beginning at 8:00AM EST. If this is too early for some of you, they will show an encore presentation at 6:00PM EST.

If you don't have EWTN in your home, you can watch it for free from their website, provided you have a fast enough internet connection.

Failing that, well, have a blessed day! (Oh, and say a rosary for the Pope!)

For information on the history and significance of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Fisheaters has a wonderful article on it:

UPDATE: The televised TLM on EWTN was absolutely beautiful, but experienced technical difficulties from just after the consecration of the bread to about the people's communion. Bad time to have such difficulties, given the importance of this broadcast, but other than that it was fine.

The homily was superb, very comprehensive; He highlighted the importance of the Extraordinary Form, the Importance of the Exaltation of the Cross, and above all the importance of today's gospel, and a focus on actual participation means, and the importance of latin; Each topic intertwining with the next.

I'll be sure to post it here if EWTN puts it in their archive.


paramedicgirl said...

Now that EWTN is televising the ancient rite, more people will come to understand it. The comment from many Catholics, when they find out I am attracted to the TLM, is "Do you really understand it, though? Isn't it hard to follow along?"

EWTN will do wonders for the TLM.

Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae said...

I saw it and it was really easy for me to follow. Rubrics and vestment style aside, the priest and assistants kept on going and saying things to themselves while the choir was singing, just like in the St. John Chrysostom litugy. The only things that made me pause was the priest said the whole consecration to himself -thus keeping us out of it- wine not given with the bread -even though Pope Greg the Great said it'd be alright- and the homilist saying a screen (Iconostasis) wasn't necessary in the Mass anymore because of Latin being a dead language. Well the Copts and Russians both use a dead language too but they both have an iconostasis, but I digress.

I felt right at home watching it. It was the same kind of respect, reverence and mysticism as in the Eastern Rites. I don't see why it'd be difficult to follow, especially with a missal. It's Novus Ordo and it's hard legalistic theology I can't follow.

Yeah the St. John Chrysostom/Basil liturgy is great too and all the services that go with it, but it just isn't the same, even though it gets the same result.

When was the last time you heard or saw the word "subdeacon"?

Now if an Odox who's never seen it before could follow it, anyone can.

Unitas said...

It was hard for me, at first. Of course, I was more used to the NO mass which, to be honest, doesn't require that much attention to follow along with. (I've always liked EWTN's masses though.)

It's always funny when in a particular reading it says "The Lord be with you." and half the congregation speaks up with "And also with you." A missal, at least, forces you to focus.

It's just fine with a missal, though. The prayers of consecration are included in the missal, so we still know exactly what is being said even though it's not audible to us.

And you're right, VSO. Those who are complaining about not being able to follow along are either trying to make excuses or just not used to actually putting effort into mass.

Also, in all of the local TLM's I've attended, the last gospel is always autdible. It's curious that it wasn't during the broadcast. (I assume it's supposed to be audible so everyone knows when to kneel)

I noticed you can buy it on DVD from their store, I think I just might do that.

paramedicgirl said...

Today at Mass, my NO priest handed me a copy of the EWTN TLM that he put on a DVD just for me! I was really pleased to receive that. He knows I am moving to the city to be closer to the Latin Mass, and he was actually planning on learning the TLM. I sure hope he still goes ahead with it.

Unitas said...

"Today at Mass, my NO priest handed me a copy of the EWTN TLM that he put on a DVD just for me! I was really pleased to receive that. He knows I am moving to the city to be closer to the Latin Mass, and he was actually planning on learning the TLM. I sure hope he still goes ahead with it."

That's the kind of approach a lot of priests need to have. He knows it's nothing personal and he understands your choice. I think many priests would see it as a personal insult, that your decision to attend the TLM was somehow saying he's defficient, or not good enough for you, when that's not it at all.

I pitched the idea to my pastor at a NO parish and he was very open to the idea. I expressed an interest that I'd really like for him to do the mass, but I think he has enough on his plate and his health isn't doing so well lately.

But I just wanted him to know that I'd like it even more if he was the one celebrating it. (His homilies are so good he's recieved complaints. He's a pot stirrer.)

I was a server with him for many years. He said that if they had a TLM there that I'd do the serving. I said I'd love that.