Saturday, September 15, 2007

Guess Who?

Who do you think wrote this?

"Although it may sound like a strange thing for a theologian to say, as the final means of effecting a better awareness of God’s saving presence in all religions, theological dialogue is less important than the other three forms of dialogue. It is by necessity limited to a narrow circle of experts and often deals with subjects too recondite for the average believer. More crucially, theological exchange presupposes the other three dialogues, and ideally is deeply rooted in them. As is clear from the history of theology, dogmas and doctrines are almost always framed in controversies and frozen in texts that are intelligible only in their historical contexts. It is only within the dialogues of life, action, and religious experience that one can obtain an accurate gauge of the relative importance-or, to use an expression of Vatican II, the “hierarchy of truths”-of these doctrines."

No, it's not who you think.

This is an excerpt from an article written by one Fr. Peter Phan (not a joke), who is now under investigation by the CDF (Or as I like to call it, "The Congregation Formerly Know as the Inquisition") for theological discrepencies found in a book he wrote, which supports elements of indifferentism and religious pluralism, while downplaying the uniqueness of Christ and the role of His Church. Fr. Phan has also been a strong critic of Dominus Iesus. Hat tip to Gerald over at the Closed Cafeteria. (Linked on the sidebar)

Gerald's entry:

Phan's article:


Karin said...


Why such a misundrstanding on this topic among Catholics?
As a convert to the religion it all seems really straightforward!

Unitas said...

It really is:

outside of Catholicism and mitigation by invincible ignorance there is no salvation. Simple.

This isn't a very PC dogma though. I'm sure liberal Catholics know exactly what it means but they try to spin it in a way that makes it more socially palatable.

Christ told us to teach all nations. Why? because only the true faith saves. If there are many paths to salvation and / or people are better off invincibly ignorant, then He would not have given that command.

It's pretty clear that evangelization is important because outside of visible communion with the Church endangers one's soul.

Some people don't like to think about that, or be unpopular by talking about it.