Monday, September 24, 2007

Mel Gibson to play Polish King in Siege of Vienna Film

There's talk that Mel Gibson will direct and star in the Polish Film "Victory" depicting the Siege of Vienna by Ottoman turks in 1683:

Reports have emerged that Mel 'Madmax' Gibson has been approached to play King Jan Sobieski in an epic movie about the 1683 Siege of Vienna.

Wroclaw-based producer Mariusz Bielak would like Gibson to both star in and direct the picture, and he is optimistic that the Australian maverick will come on board: Bielak was quoted as saying in Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza. "It's his cup of tea.'

'Jan III Sobieski was a charismatic figure' Harasimowicz told GW .' He was a great strategist, a phenomenal knight, and to cap it all, head over heels in love with his wife. This is the kind of figure that Mel Gibson played in 'Braveheart'. But this is a less tragic role - Sobieski triumphed

The Siege of Vienna is regarded by historians as a turning point in European History. The Catholic Alliance - led by the Polish King - saw off the Turkish threat to Central Europe.

Perhaps this will wake up Europe and realize they were almost Eurabia over 300 years ago.


paramedicgirl said...

I was never a Mad max fan, but if Mel does this one, I will give it a try. Just because I like that pic of him wearing his brown scapular that happens to show above his shirt.

Former Altar Boy said...

That was one of the most decisive, world-changing, history-affecting battles of all time. Without the last minute arrival of the famed Polish cavalry (check out a map of Europe to appreciate the march they had to make on the quick), the Turks' next stop would have been Paris. It's about time someone made a movie about it.

Hakan said...

"Eurabia"???!!? OMG, Don't you people know that Turks are very different race than Arabs? The only common thing among the two is being Muslim!
Around the era of the Siege, Vienna already had some Turkish character since it was trendy those days to eat, drink, dress like Turks. Composers used Turkish style in their music, including Mozart. Turks are part of Europe, and they shaped its history; stop seeing them as enemies. And I would love to see a movie about Turks :-), an objective one, though.