Thursday, September 20, 2007

New N.O. Missal to be completed by 2009

Finally, an update on this from Catholic News Service.

"After meeting at the Vatican Sept. 2-6, the Vox Clara Committee said it hoped the English translation of the Roman Missal would be completed and approved by the end of 2009.

"The members found the texts to be excellent, although suggestions were made for ways in which the choice of alternate words or phrases could render a few sections more faithful to the Latin original or easier to proclaim and comprehend," (PRO MULTIS = FOR MANY! BAH!) the statement said.

It said the final draft translation for the missal should be published by next spring. Then ICEL will complete a second draft, taking into account the reactions of English-language bishops' conferences (I dunno if I like that...) and the Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. (That's not so bad. Although I disagree with Arinze's resistence to Summorum Pontificum, I highly favor his Redeptionis Sacramentum and Liturgiam Authenticam, and feel they are spot-on and very needed. Not to mention his thorough criticism of liturgical dance.)

After that, the bishops' conferences vote on the second draft. The Vatican's worship and sacraments congregation then takes final action, considering any eventual amendments that are proposed by bishops' conferences." (And let's hope Arinze gives Trautman the proverbial finger.)

Let's also hope Trautman is absent on those voting days.

Even though I'm rather dedicated to the TLM, I'd still love to see reforms to the new mass. Arinze has outlined grave abuses and Summorum Pontificum is set to have the TLM "infect" the new mass, and there's hopefully a better missal on the way. Now all that has to be done is to enforce it all. (Of course, that's the hardest part.)


Karin said...

Oh this can be a wonderful thing, now who is going to enforce it? The new Missal without enforcement is worthless, IMHO!

Karin said...

Is worthless without enforcement , sorry forgot to clarify, all it does for many of us is wet our appetities for what we could have but dont, kinda like now.

paramedicgirl said...

I view it with caution. Levada just allowed the inclusive language into the NRSV Canadian Lectionary. (The one our bishops have been using for the last decade, and we have all been hoping would be dumped).