Monday, September 17, 2007

A rather interesting story from Catholic News Service:

"LONDON (CNS) -- British musicians recorded the classic Irish hymn, "Sweet Heart of Jesus," in a calypso, disco style and sent it to Pope Benedict XVI on an iPod nano.

The musicians' intention, however, was to soften the pope's attitude toward modern church music. The gift is from contemporary Catholic songwriters Jo Boyce and Mike Stanley, and it features a new album of classic hymns reworked in modern forms of music. The duo has used instruments such as pianos, saxophones, guitars, drums and synthesizers to recreate centuries-old works in laid-back gospel, folk, funk, soul and lounge-music styles.

The album, "Age to Age," was downloaded onto an iPod and sent to Pope Benedict in the hope of gaining a "papal seal of approval,"

The move is something of a gamble given that Pope Benedict, an aficionado of classical music, said in 1996 that rock music was not very uplifting for the soul and certainly did not belong in church. "

Apparently, liberal Catholics, like rapists, don't know that NO means NO.

Somehow they think the more they chant their demands and the louder they chant that the Pope will all of a sudden give in. Jesus said to be like children, not act like them.

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