Sunday, September 16, 2007

That Explains It

Hideous, huh?

People have been wondering why exactly, after the pope has shown himself to favor the more traditional expressions of our spirituality, why in the world would he be wearing hippie vestments?

At first I thought it was like some project from a local elementary school where kids tye-dyed stuff and the pope, not wanting to offend, agreed to wear them. Y'know, for the kids.

But then I saw everyone was wearing them and figured nothing short of mexican sweat-shop style production could've put out such a copious amount liturgical eyesores.

Well Fr. Z over at WDTPRS has found that even the ultra liberal Viennese (Just check out the Catholic Church COnservation blog to see what I mean) wanted him to wear baroque vestments. Then why didn't he?

The MC, Rev. Piero Marini, overrode them and made the Pope wear the hippie-pancho.

Well at least we know that the Pope is sticking to his traditional guns, that it wasn't his choice.


Karin said...

Ok, when I first saw this picture I thought the Pope had it out for us Austrians...I am glad to see that this was not his choice of attire!

paramedicgirl said...

Betcha anything our beloved Holy Father has something very traditional on underneath that hippie robe.

Unitas said...

I'm very relieved as well. But I should have known the MC was responsible, and not the pope.

The same as JPII was criticized when he had those topless dancing girls at a mass, I think in Africa. That was the same MC iirc. Glad he's on his way out.

Marty said...

Looks like the pope bought up last nights pizza with that stuff on. Or a giant hankie.

Marini(soon to be replaced...) is a goat.

Unitas said...

"Marini(soon to be replaced...) is a goat"

No doubt.

All it seems he's been doing is giving the sedes more ammunition.