Friday, December 21, 2007

1930 Alert

Thanks to Cathcon

AN ALL-FEMALE committee representing the Anglican Church's Melbourne diocese has recommended that abortion be decriminalised, in what is believed to be the first official approval of abortion by Australian Anglicans.

The diocese was one of 40 church, medical and community groups who made confidential submissions to the Victorian Law Reform Commission, which is reviewing state abortion laws. According to the commission, there were also more than 500 written submissions.

And my favorite part:

"If we are serious about reducing the number of abortions, paradoxically we shouldn't make it more difficult legally because we will go back to the days where poorer women resorted to underground means and corruption was rife through the police, medical practitioners and hospitals," she said.

"The knee-jerk reaction is to make the legislation very restrictive, [which is usually what a goverment doess to limit or stop something...] but the way you reduce abortions is with contraception and sex education.
[God-forbid anyone teach abstinence, the only 100% effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STD's] The other thing is to support families — we need to be a pro-child society with a pro-child government."

Notice the double-speak?

"If we want to reduce abortions we should decriminalize it."

When has the legalization and govermental regulation of anything resulted in its reduction? After the prohibition of alcohol was lifted and regulated, did alcohol consumtion go down or up? After protitution was legalized and regulated in Nevada, did prostitution go down or up? After abortion was legalized in the states, did the number of abortions go down or up? When there was a big push by liberals to hand out condoms in school, the banning of teaching abstinence, and teaching of homosexual lifestyles to grade-schoolers, did teenage pregnancies go down or up?

And more doublespeak here: "The other thing is to support families — we need to be a pro-child society with a pro-child government."

How can government and society be "pro-child" and "pro-family" while legalizing abortion and pushing contraception? How does that work? How is pushing the message that we have the 'right' to a 'consequence-free sex-life' and the right to kill family members "pro-family"? And always with the fear-mongering of returning to back-alley coat-hanger abortions.

The only way to get us to drink their poison is mixing it with pleasant-tasting platitutdes. I think it's obvious liberals are somewhat mentally defficient. That's why they're liberals. So all those who aren't sharp enough to see through their doubletalk will fall for their deceit.

It boils down to "If you're pro-family then you'll side with us and legalize abortion." What hooey! What an insult to our intelligence that they'd try to pull a fast one like that. Do they think we're stupid? Yes, because liberals think our nanny-state should take care of us, that we're too inept to take care pf ourselves. Are we that stupid? Many of us are, because we keep falling for it.


paramedicgirl said...

Hey, buddy, have you given up posting? I've been checking your blog lately and I'm wondering where you've been.

I took a two month hiatus myself, and it was a good break.

Anonymous said...

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Unitas said...

Heck no have I guven up posting! I've just been extremely busy lately. When I get home form work I just want to go to bed, not much energy to do much of anything.

But I'll get going again, I just need a little free time!