Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Canary in the Mine

H/T to Cathcon

Reindeer Ralph - the new Nativity

The traditional nativity play is on the wane, suggests a survey. One alternative is Ralph the Reindeer, says a leading children's playwright.

The excitement of being Third Shepherd, Inn Keeper or Little Donkey is a staple part of a schoolchild's Christmas experience.

For generations, the season is forever associated with tea-towels and tinsel, as parents rummage to make costumes for traditional Nativity performances.

Yet a Sunday Telegraph survey of 100 schools has found only one in five opting to stage the traditional Christmas story. One in three will stage a religion-free Christmas play or have no event at all.

The apparent trend for non-traditional plays has been welcomed by the National Secular Society's director Keith Porteous Wood.

"This is a reflection of society: Seventy straight years of continuous decline in Church attendance," he says.

"We should celebrate it. It shows a greater sensitivity to our more multicultural society, those of all faiths and none."

Multiculturalism, the new political dogma, will destroy western culture. Silly religious zealots we are, thinking that not all cultures and religions are morally equivalent. We're merely throwbacks from a bygone era marked by persecution and bigotry, right? If you don't support multiculturalism then you must be racist. Or if you don't accept all religions as equal you must be an ignorant fanatic.

Removing God only panders to the slim minority of atheists. There is nothing there that supports faith by removing the reason for that faith.

That's ok. Remove it out of sight, stuff it away, pretend it doesn't exist, ignore it and it will just go away.

Once you make people forget where their country came from they will forget what their country means. If you have no history, no traditions, no foundation, then you don't have very much of a reason for patriotism. Leave a country's values and foundation to the waxing and waning of public opinion and fancy, you won't have anything worth protecting but a bunch of opinions.

If you want to know where we're headed, just look to the UK.

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