Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Roman Protestants - This time from a Cardinal

This is from Fr. Z's blog:

This is an excerpt from the response to Summorum Pontificum by Julius Cardinal Darmaatmadja SJ, Archbishop of Jakarta:

4. As a bishops which authority is also recognized in "motu proprio data", I affirm that what is currently practiced now is the only [one] (meaning the ordinary form) officialy practiced for the Arch Diocese of Jakarta. Until there are special condition which force this ruling to be reviewed.

5. I made the ruling because of consideration that the reason for the [re]establishement of the 1962 Missale Romanum is not relevant for the Arch diocese of Jakarta. There are no Pius X group, the lefebvrist group. There is no reason for reconciliation in the Church in the Arch diocese of Jakarta, which has become the reason for "motu proprio data" 7 July 2007. With the currently practice Missale Romanum, still opens the possibility of Gregorian songs being sung. Therefore I decided for the whole ArchDiocese of Jakarta to follow the ordinary [which is] the newest form of Missale Romanum, in order to follow the latest development, [a development] which was made after the second Vatican council.

Not relevent?

First off, he doesn't have the authority to ban the mass of Pius V.

Second, there are a whole lot of non-SSPX parishioners that desire the TLM, Summorum Pontificum is not just a concession to the SSPX.

Third, it has the authority of the Pope who has authority over you, you twit!

Who the hell does he think he is? This is open rebellion. Why would a man of God ban a mass? Perhaps he's not working for God, but himself; and by proxy, someone else...

Of course, he is a Jesuit and such defiance isn't all that surprising from that society.


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