Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unitas '08

I was reading a post over at The Lair, and it reminded me of an idea I had when illegals were amassing with Mexican flags a few miles away and China started poisoning American kids with lead.

This is the idea:

Take all product imports out of China and put the production in Mexico. If they can ban outsourcing to Cuba for being Communist then they can do it to China too. This will create jobs and improve the economy of Mexico and ultimately improve the quality of life for the average Mexican citizen, as well as stop the export of American wealth to a brutal communist nation that hates our guts and terrorizes it own people.

Stop all oil imports from the middleast and bump up production from Mexico. Again, this will create jobs and ultimately improve the quality of life for the average Mexican citizen. This will also stop the export of American wealth to countries that hate our guts and fund terror against us and their own people.

Then I started thinking of other things:

Stop exporting American oil. We drill our own oil to sell it off just to buy it again from someone else. That's stupid.

Drill more American oil.

Why make the Mexicans happy? To lessen the incentive to make illegal entry into our country and defraud taxpayers. Plus that's the "teach a man to fish" approach to humanitarian aid rather than "giving a man a fish" in the forms of amnesty and subsidies. If the situation in Mexico stays bad then there will always be a reason to risk life and limb to come here. If the situation was improved then there wouldn't be so much of an incentive to take that risk. Plus everyone can keep their beloved NAFTA intact.

Build a friggin' nuclear reactor or fifty. We harnessed the power of the atom, what, 70 years ago? Yet there's been no new reactor in 20 years? Less than 20% of our electricity comes from nuclear power. Yet the majority comes from coal. Coal, people. We are in the 21st century, right?

Ban the sale of partial loans to foreign banks. Keep American wealth in America.

Ban the outsourcing of of vital resource processing to foreign countries. That only makes our country beholden to theirs.

Limit foreign shareholding of American companies to 49%. We don't need a foreign shareholder bloc telling an American business what to do.

Cap the interest rates on credit loans. Y'know HSBC offers the highest interest rates on their savings accounts? That's because their credit holders pay for it. My mother has 700+ credit and pays 24%.

Cap monetary punitive damages in lawsuits. Ever wonder why insurance policies are so high? Because you're paying off settlements and judgements driven up by the greed of lawyers.

Offer tax credits on private health insurance, and cap the per-person rates for insurance. I'll be honest, I'm on state health insurance. Not because I want to be, but because I have to be. It sucks. Bad. I can't afford private insurance so I have to be punished with dealing with the Department of Economic Security. Due to the subsidy tax deficit created by illegals and non-tax-payers the state pays the least it can get away with. Which is reflected in a palpable lack of quality and hassle-free-ness. They should rename D.E.S. to P.I.T.A.

Have the FDIC offer incentives to banks to pick up loans from banks that have closed. The bank that handled the loan for the family business went under back in '87. It fell to the FDIC and they wanted their money in full. No other banks wanted to take it. If someone didn't finally pick it up, three days later the FDIC would have auctioned off my parents' and uncle's homes. They even put "For Auction" signs in the front yards while they were still living in them.

I'm sure there's a lot more stuff i can think of. Perhaps later.

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