Monday, December 15, 2008

A Rather Disturbing Headline

From CNA:

Separation of Church and State is a sign of progress and freedom, explains Pope

Yeah, I know. But let's read a bit:

"This brief visit allows me to reaffirm that the Church is very aware that the distinction between what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God, that is to say, the distinction between State and Church, is a part of the fundamental structure of Christianity,” he explained. ...

Not only does the Church acknowledge this separation, the Pontiff continued, but she considers it to be a “great progress for humanity and a fundamental condition for its freedom and for fulfilling its universal mission of salvation among the peoples." [This is where I must disagree. The state adopting the heresy of indifferentism cannot be "progress", whether formally or materially, It doesn't matter. The effect is the same.]

"At the same time, the Church feels the duty,” he went on, “of reawakening moral and spiritual forces in society, helping to make the will receptive to the demands of what is good.”

It is because of this that when the Church “recalls the value that fundamental ethical principles have” for private and public life, “she is in fact contributing to the guarantee and promotion of the dignity of the person and the well-being of society. In this sense, the Church “fulfills the true and proper co-operation that is sought between the State and Church,” he concluded.

He is of course correct on many points. The headline is very misleading. There is a distinction between Church and state. But the separation thereof, the state renouncing and its lukewarmness to the true religion, is a grave error. I understand that the separation of the state from a false religion does in fact serve to open the door to the true religion. But that does not remove the state's culpability of removing itself from the true religion. Is the possible doorway to save souls worth tolerating other states' apostasy? I'm not so sure. The nation of Malta has the one true faith as the state's official religion. And last I heard it's not regarded as a tyrannical state. I'm glad the Holy father did not cross the line in his words. It's too bad CNA did, though.

Please see Immortale Dei, Quanta Cura, and the Syllabus of Errors to clarify, I don't really feel like parsing them at the moment.

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