Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Joys of Labeling

On a particular Catholic forum I was discussing how it is wrong to call Bp. Williamson a holocaust denier when he did no such thing. Of course everyone there was. The topic shifted around and I mentioned that I thought it was wrong how the Jews of today exploit their victim status for political gain and how that craps on the memories of the Jews, gypsies, Catholics, and soviets that suffered and died. The accusation of anti-semitism followed quickly soon after, and I said that Williamson doesn't owe an apology for disagreement the same as Geert Wilders or Salman Rushdie don't owe apologies to muslims for disagreeing either.

I received and "infraction" on this forum for insulting, vulgar, and possible anti-semitic language because I failed to capitalize the word"Jew". You heard me right. Nevermind that I didn't capitalize "gypsies" or "muslims," it was only an insult in reference to "jews." I was accused of anti-semitism by the moderators.

So watch that shift-key folks! There's no telling when the NAACP, NOW, HRC, or the ADL gestapo is gonna come for you with their tissue-paper-feelings and pitchforks.


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