Friday, March 13, 2009

Brick By Brick

I'm pleased to say that my mother's parish is now starting to implement latin into the liturgy. So far they have the sanctus and the agnus dei, in addition to the greek kyria which they have been using for many years now.

There is still a way to go, and many seemed lost during all of it (even though it was taked straight out of the hymnal), little by little it is quite easy to adapt and enjoy a fuller Catholic identity. One needs not stop there, but also the gloria, pater noster, and even teh credo can be added as well, according to the wishes of the Holy Father that the people know how to say the common prayers in latin.

I know that to many this is just a very small grassroots victory, if anything at all. But I grew up at this parish, I've seen all of its developments as well as detriments. This is a good step and although small, we must start somewhere.

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